KANA PURE Dispensary – High quality medical-grade cannabis in the heart of town

Managed by Bespoke Life Science Ltd, a subsidiary company of Boutique Corporation PCL, KANA PURE is the name of the dispensary offering high quality medical-grade cannabis products straight from their own farms in Northern Thailand. KANA PURE prides itself in cultivating world-class strains of cannabis in a fully indoor farming system, where everything is controlled and monitored meticulously to ensure the highest quality cannabis flowers free of any harsh chemicals or heavy metals. This farming system is the heart of why KANA PURE products are so high-quality, because the level of attention to detail to create a perfect eco-environment for cannabis plants to flourish as a healthy plant will ultimately yield healthy and clean buds. The aim is so the end consumer can experience what it’s like to smoke an extremely clean bud with healthy terpene profiles and rich trichrome counts.

KANA PURE also puts effort into hiring knowledgeable and experienced budtenders, all of the budtenders at KANA PURE are smokers themselves and each have their own favorite types. The resounding common denominator between all of the budtenders is that they all agree the buds they’ve gotten from KANA PURE is ranked at least in the top 3 cannabis in Bangkok easily. This is also one of the reasons why KANA PURE decided to retail at a premium price, because they are confident in the product that they have, that the experience given is different to what you currently get in the market. Best yet, KANA PURE Sukhumvit Soi 11 also provides a chill out area for smokers to relax and hide away from the hustling city around them. Drinks are available as self-service where you can just grab and pay at the counter on the way out, doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Currently KANA PURE is mainly located out of the bustling Sukhumvit area, with branches in Sukhumvit Soi 11, Soi 16, and in Soi 69. KANA PURE has also settled in Chong Non Si, right under the Chong Non Si BTS station within a new community courtyard named BLOQyard Sathorn. This new location aims at servicing locals working in the main Bangkok CBD, providing them with an after-hours hang out spot where they can come for dinner or drinks and just hang out after a long day. Furthermore, KANA PURE is not stopping its expansion plans, with planned locations in Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Soi 24, Siam Discovery and even out in Pattaya and Chiang Mai city.