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high-quality, medical-
grade cannabis

Learn About Our House of Brands

From development and cultivation to distribution and medical services, we’ve grown our operation to represent purity and quality. Our partner brands are dedicated to providing the highest-quality products and experiences for our clients.

KANA Wellness Clinic offers consultations for medical issues that could be eased with medical cannabis products. Our licensed specialists are able to prescribe our licensed varieties of cannabis products. The clinic aims to serve as a place of education for people who are unfamiliar with the medical properties of cannabis. It will also be a place where traditional Thai medicine is practiced.

KANA PURE dispensaries offer our carefully cultivated cannabis flowers, oil and capsules. The cannabis at KANA PURE is guaranteed to be free of any contaminants, fungi, carcinogens or insects. There are numerous world-class strains of cannabis available at KANA PURE, and our specialists can explain the differences between each one so you can make an informed decision.